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Ac 7:50 20171001 5949. It takes two to argue or agree.
Jn 10:30 20170803 5889. Unity has no seams.
012 Ex 26:17 20170327 5732. Agreement is fine—if you agree.
011 Ex 22:11 20151228 5277.  The good thing about shaking the hand of some people is knowing where at least one of them is. 
010 Ex 21:27 20151019 5207. In every negotiation, someone gives up something.
009 Ex 8:25 20120618 3984. Nothing motivates like being told you can't...
008 Ecc 12:11 20120422 3927. A gaping hole begins with a hairline crack.
007 Mt 18:19 20090416 When two people pray the same thing at the same time, things happen!
006 Ge 26:28 20070506 Negotiations can accomplish what threats and intimidation can't.
005 Ge 29:21 20070819 There's nothing more discouraging than honoring your part of an agreement, then having to renegotiate with someone who won't honor their's.
004 Ge 16:2b 20060219 Prayer accomplishes more than any amount of arguing.
003 Ge 21:27 20061026 Agreements are seldom made that one person doesn't see himself getting ripped off.
002 Mt 7:26 20060925 You can always find someone to agree with you, the problem is finding someone who agrees with God.
001 Rev 17:13 20020821 Unity can be horribly fickle when it is based on sinful premise.


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