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Jn 11:22 20171130 6009.  There's agreement and there's appeasement, neither touching the other.
Jn 9:21 20170209 5686. Speaking for someone else demands accuracy with brevity.
Jn 9:10 20170103 5649.  Science is God's creation and not the other way around.
Ex 23:30 20160622 5454. It's doubtful I will find what I am not looking for.
Jn 7:52 20160503 5404. Change is good as long as the change is good.
Jn 7:47 20160414 5385. Non-partisan is a futile attempt to appear unbiased.
Jn 7:36 20160308 5348. Only a true friend will answer the questions we aren't asking but should be.
048 Pr 15:28 20150822 5149. I’d watch my mouth but I can’t see it moving.
047 Ex 19:19 20150330 5004. Today is the tomorrow I talked about yesterday.
046 Ex 16:14 20140603 4704. Memories can be bigger than life.
045 Jn 4:7 04.05.14 4645. What good is an answer without a question?
044 Jn 3:28 20140213 4594. Answers require asking the right question.
043 Ex 12:37 20130612 4343. Take something for granted and watch it disappear.
042 Ex 12:31 20130522 4322. Don't ask if you don't want to know.
041 Jn 1:17 20130502 4302. Answers come when we seek them, not when we ask a question.
040 Ps 22:10 20130412 4282. Education is valuable but having a teachable spirit prepares you for life.
039 Ex 11:8 20130130 4210. Momentum has more resiliency than inspiration.
038 Pr 11:11 20130112 4192. A person can't see what they don't see.
037 Pr 11:9 20121229 4178. Answers should be truthful and not shaped to fit someone's ears.
036 Ex 9:7 201120730 4026. We pray with closed eyes because they're the biggest obstacle to faith.
035 Mt 27:14 3999. Why ask if you already know the answer, or answer when it's the wrong question?>
034 Ex 8:9 20120430 3935. Prayer: the answer for most every question.
033 Mt 26:47 20120209 3854. Coincidence is not the name of my God.
032 Ps 18:8 20110909 3701. If we really believe God answers prayer, why aren't we praying right now?
031 Ps 11:3 20100813 3302. Reluctance is knowing the answer, but wanting a different one.
030 Mt 22:25 20100706 3264. Questions deserve answers if there are no more questions.
029 Mt 21:16 20100128 Question for question deserves answer for answer, unless you're clueless.
028 Mt 19:17 20090716 God used, "Is that your final answer," long before a game show host.
027 Ge 41: 25 20090211 Often time God will give us answers to questions we've never asked.
026 Ps 4:1a 20080721 Why should we expect God to answer us if we don't answer when He calls?
025 Ps 4:6a 20080729 People looking for answers don't always ask the right question.
024 Ge 37:15 20080903 We should look for answers where the Light is better.
023 Mt 13:58 20071228 It must be disappointing to God that we're satisfied doing so little when He wants to do so much more.
022 Mt 9:22b 20070127 When God answers our prayer, it's always right on time.
021 Ge 24:15a 20070106 God may answer before we finish, but he seldom answers before we start.
020 Mt 9:2b 20061212 Sometimes we ask the wrong thing just to see God answer the right thing.
019 Mt 8:7 20061019 Prayer is really about coming and going. We keep going to the Lord in prayer and He keeps coming.
018 Ge 13:14b 20060207 Sometime the answer to our prayer may not be exactly what we expect or quite where we expect to find it.
017 Ge 8:10 20060118 Prayer should not be a one-time action, but repetitive until we know God's will.
016 Mk 15:12 20050829 You might think there's only blessing to lose by not praying, but what if you fail to get needed information God wants to give you?
015 1Th 3:5b 20050629 We should seek information about the things for which we've prayed, revising our prayers accordingly.
014 Ac 8:31 20051128 Jesus is more than likely the answer to your question.
013 Ac 12:5 20051024 The best place to look for answers is where God is working.
012 Ps 40:1 20051216 How many times have we stopped praying right before receiving an answer?
011 Mk 10:51 20040302 You get what you pray for everytime you fail to pray.
010 2Sa 24:24 20040605 Answered prayer may start with holy desire, but it takes personal sacrifice to seal the deal.
009 1Th 3:5 20020805 Real praying consists of caring for people and expecting an answer.
008 Ac 4:13 20020719 Sadly, most people don't want to spend time with Jesus, they just want miracles.
007 1Pe 3:12 20020913 The next time you pray, you may want to see if God is listening before you open your mouth.
006 Ps 34:15-16 20020520 God is not attentive to everyone who prays.
005 Ep 4:11 20020126 Confession of sin is a prerequisite to answered prayer.
004 Da 8:23 20020124 How many times have we stopped praying just before the answer was to be laid at our feet?
003 Pr 28:9 20010828 Beside a sinner's prayer, nothing else they pray gets above the ceiling.
002 Isa 29:13a 20000825 How far is our heart from our faith?
001 Lk 18:1 20000720 When you don't look for answers to your prayer, why pray at all?


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