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Ac 7:50 20171001 5949. It takes two to argue or agree.
Jn 10:36 20170824 5911. Most problems are diagnosed from the outside but fixed on the inside.
006 Pr 10:20 08.04.12 4031. Without a common enemy, we tend to make one of each other.
005 Ps 19:9 07.27.12 4023. The best defense is a good offense.
004 Mt 26:62 04.03.12 3908. You don't have to defend the truth, just tell it.
003 Pr 3:30 09.26.09 If you've acted properly, people who disagree with you don't deserve debate.
002 Ge 18:23 04.09.06 It's okay to question God, but arguing with Him borders on stupidity.
001 2Ti 2:23 11.11.02 Before you question a teacher, make sure you have God's answer.


1. One-minute Devotionals began on January 2, 2006 and are the original creation of James R. Green, Prayertower Webservant Content is derived from his alternating and sequential survey of both the Old and New Testament to offer insight on Scripture.
2. Resources are derived from daily devotions of James R. Green called, Just Thinkin'... (2000-2003), Read the Bible Thru in 365 Days (2004), Pray Thru the Word in 365 Days (2005) and One Minute Devotional (2006-2012)
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