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Ex 29:3 20180110 6050. There's no fix for a problem you won't acknowledge.
Ex 26:3 20170206 5683. Associations are as strong as you make them.
017 Ex 23:7 20160404 5375. Association is the adoption of someone else's plans.
016 Ac 5:18 20160117 5297. Association is a positive spin on disassociation
015 Ac 5:13 20151213 5262. God deserves more than our time between twilight and sunset.
014 Jn 5:13 20141105 4859. Association creates more bad than good conclusions.
013 Jn 4:33 20140709 4740. Frustration is the birthing room of passion.
012 Jn 3:11 20131224 4538. When you attack the messenger, you show contempt for the message.
011 Ps 24:1 20131025 4478. My mistakes should be categorized under the letter Sfor stupid.
010 Ge 39:10 cbs Joseph avoided Potiphar's wife when he could
009 Mt 28:14 20130212 4223. God is not as impressed with your accomplishments as you are.
008 Ex 5:8 20111019 3741. Intentions are like inventions, they're both created.
007 Mt 20:20 20091020 Privilege comes by association, but not necessarily power.
006 Ge 38:1 20081020 When you are friends with the wrong crowd, expect to make decisions they'd approve.
005 Ps 1:1 20080513 Look at the wrong crowd long enough and you'll eventually hang with them, agree with them, do what they do and wind up being miserable like them.
004 Ge 34:1 20080215 Wrong company not only corrupts but often leads to quick and undesirable consequences.
003 Ge 24:21 20070110 We can judge a person's character by watching what he does.
002 Mt 10:25 20070415 Association is much easier than disassociation.
001 2Co 10:12 20010604 You can tell a lot about the character of a person by judging the character of those with whom he laughs.


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