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Job 1:8 BS  
Job 8:20 BS  
Ps 35:16 20170630 5854. Who in his right mind can blame his hatred on those he hates?
019 Jn 7:51 20160428 5399. Who cares what sound a falling tree makes—unless you're under it.
Ac 5:28 20160327 5367.  Belief in the wrong thing is disbelief in the right thing. 
017 Ex 20:13 20150601 5067. Slander is murder that slings mud and blood.
016 Ex 16:22 20140701 4732. Opportunity is exercised by balancing liberty and responsibility.
015 Ex 16:7 20140513 4683. No problem exists that isn't linked to another one.
014 Job 1:1 cbs Job was blameless (righteous)
013 Ge 42:28 cbs Joseph's brothers B'd God for their situation
012 Pr 11:20 20130316 4255. The first step in deception is to avoid the obvious and magnify the vague.
011 Ps 10:13 20100625 3253. God may be the last person you'll ever blame for your situation.
010 Ge 43:10 20090720 Who are we blaming for our failure to trust God?
009 Mt 18:15 20090402 Why is it that private confrontation makes us more nervous than public condemnation?
008 Ge 38:7 20081103 It's can be a short game when we swap licks with God.
007 Ge 38:26 20081130 Blaming someone is hypocrisy, most-often a by-product of guilt.
006 Mt 17:7 20081224 Playing the blame game will likely come back to haunt you another day.
005 Ge 30:1 20070916 Instead of blaming others for our problems, we need to ask God what He thinks.
004 Ge 27:29a 20070615 Responsibility without Authority yields automatic blame.
003 Ge 31:37b 20071209 If we must blame someone else, it's obvious we haven't learned to depend on God.
002 Ge 31:3 20071103 Why is it that we tend to blame God for our mistakes?
001 Ge 20:13a 20060809 I wonder how many times I've blamed my mistakes on God and try to act like I was an innocent bystander.


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