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016 Jn 4:32 20140704 4735. Every gaping hole begins with a hairline crack.
015 Ex 13:3 20130805 4397. Just because you can doesn't mean you should.
014 Ge 34:8-12 cbs Hamor offered bribe to Jacob for his daughter's (Dinah) hand.
013 Pr 7:14 20110430 3560. How do you find something that is looking for you?
012 Pr 7:10 20110409 3539. Sometimes we need to look in the mirror before we start praying.
011 Ge 43:12 20090729 Compensation is not a part of every equation.
010 Ecc 3:16 20090524 Compromise takes more than it gives.
009 Ge 34:9 20080227 Loss of godly conviction starts when we lower God's standard to avoid offending the world.
008 Mt 16:6 20080821 Continually keeping the company of cunning crafters of circumcism leads to compromise.
007 Ge 30:15b 20071004 When we compromise our conviction, we open the door to other people doing the same.
006 Ge 21:6b 20060910 As a believer, you can't believe both God and Satan.
005 1Ki 14:22 20050721 Like Rehoboam, do we settle for trinkets when God wants to bless us with treasure?
004 Jer 7:8 20030117 When we're influenced by anyone other than God, we're one moment from compromise.
003 2Ti 3:6-7 20020829 It's hard to tell which is worse, wiggly worms or weak-willed women.
002 Isa 29:13 20011010 A man of God will not change in order to appease an ungodly crowd.
001 2Ki 16:18 20010521 Christians are prone to leave a little negotiation room when it comes to sin.


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