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Pr 19:25 20171028 5976. When sides are taken, truth rarely influences the decision.
Jn 10:6 20170511 5787. I'd explain it, but then you wouldn't hear it from God.
Jn 9:1 20161201 5616. Not all invitations have an RSVP.
Ex 25:21 20161116 5601. A cover is not presentation but preparation for the presentation.
Pr 17:24 20161029 5583. What we see is determined by our faith.
Ps 33:5 20160617 5449. Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it isn't there.
Ac 5:32 20160424 5395. What we are is proven when we think no one is watching.
038 Pr 16:22 20160227 5338. The smallest light can poke a hole in the darkness.
037 Jn 7:24 20160126 5306. Appearance is not just deceiving, but revealing.
036 Jn 7:21 20150320 4994. Impression leaves a mark, but influence changes lives.
035 Jn 6:60 20150922 5182. Simple is not necessarily easy.
034 Jn 6:40 20150714 5110.Today loosely connects yesterday with tomorrow.
033 Jn 5:42 20150212 4958. Deny the obvious—if you enjoy living on the edge.
032 Pr. 14:33 20150122 4937. A discerning person understands why.
031 Pr 14:6 20140720 4751. Silence speaks volumes.
030 Ex 15:19 20140321 4630. Everyone dies, but rebellion speeds up the process.
029 Jn 3:19 20140111 4561. Discernment is judgment in the Light.
028 Ex 12:47 20130715 4376. Things are meant to be used, not preserved.
027 Mt 27:49 20121025 4113. The destination is not as important as Who goes with me.
026 Pr 10:27 20120922 4080. What is not said is far more voluminous than what is.
025 Mt 27:36-37 20120918 4076. You've got a problem when telling the truth is an insult.
024 Ecc 11:7 20120129 3843. Experiencing God requires walking with Him.
023 Ps 18:28 20111223 3806. Having sight is incredible, seeing without it, a God thing.
022 Ps 18:12 20110923 3715. Scripture is to some, God's variation of the Rorschach ink blot test.
021 Mt 24:49 20110428 3558. It's not WHAT you can't see that should concern you, but WHO.
020 Ecc 7:29 20101212 3423. We should dance with the One who brung us.
019 Ecc 7:11 20100822 3311. You'll never do anything until you start.
018 Mt 22:34-36 20100722 3280. We'll never know God unless we know Jesus, and it works the other ways too.
017 Ge 45:23 20100104 Discernment is the God-given ability to look past the obvious to see what God is doing behind the scenes.
016 Pr 3:17 20090627 If we rule out everything that isn't, what's left is.
015 Mt 16:11 20080904 The only way to tell the difference between good and bad teaching is to know the difference.
013 Ge 33:10b 20080203 Watching the indwelling Holy Spirit work in people lets me know how to pray for them.
014 Mt 14:2b 20080101 We can't understand God in the context of our experience and see Him for who He truly is.
007 Mt 8:16 20061104 We want to be careful that when we see the need for Jesus in the lives of other people, that we not neglect to see our own.
010 Mt 7:15b 20060828 You can distinguish between a sheep and a wolf by watching what and how they eat.
012 Ge 20:9 20060730 The only way to solve a problem is to humbly confront the one at the root of the problem and/or solution.
008 Mt 7:5b 20060721 Discernment comes by learning to objectively look at ourselves.
009 Ge 19:32 20060626 Even the best of man's plans and aspirations fall short of what God desires. Prayer is the means whereby we can learn the difference.
011 Mt 6:20b 20060530 By saturating ourself with God's Word, we are able to see things from His point of view, but by applying what we hear are we able to see encroaching darkness.
006 1Ki 3:9 20040608 Discernment is knowing right and wrong. Can we order some for our judicial system?
005 Jo 9:33 20030709 It goes without saying that someone who spends a lot of time with God will see things like He does.
004 Mt 12:30 20030623 The ability to discern between God and Satan's work is a result of having an active relationship with Jesus
003 Jer 5:31 20010613 God expects us to discern if a message is from God or the speaker.
02 Pr 3:21-26 20010525 Discernment comes when we spend time in God's presence.
001 1Co 2:14 20000811 Only God can reveal the true source of surface issues.


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