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Pr 19:29 20171125 6004. Old is another word for perseverance.
Pr 19:18 20170909 5927. I wonder how many wrong decisions we make to avoid temporary discomfort.
Jn 10:11 20170530 5806.  We prove what we believe by what we accept.
017 Pr 17:10 20160723 5485. I don’t need anyone but God trying to think for me.
Pr 17:5 20160618 5450. Get ready to experience, if not exceed, what you mock.
Pr. 17:2 20160528 5429. With knowledge comes responsibility to teach and live it.
014 Ex 21:17 20150914 5172. Unresolved conflicts create new ones.
013 Ex 16:26 20140715 America - where people are paid to be lazy and dependent.
012 Pr 13:24 20140601 4702. Sometimes good things look bad.
011 Pr 13:18 20140421 4661. Peace is having nothing to hide; power nothing to fear.
010 I Ki 1:6 RB David never D his son, Adonijah or asked why he did what he did.
009 Pr 12:1 20130608 4339. I welcome correction, but it's harder when someone enjoys giving it.
008 Jonah 1:3 20120527 3962. The road to hell is lined with exits.
007 Pr 5:21 20100814 3303. Ignoring God's Word exposes us to discipline, the painful side of His love.
006 Pr 4:1 20091107 Discipline not received is only incentive to cover our tracks better.
005 Ps 6:1 20081031 Mistakes and discipline mark the path of spiritual growth.
004 Prov 1:8a 20080619 It is most often through words that we're taught, but discipline may first be required to get our attention.
003 Jo 10:27 20050331 A shepherd carries a rod to use, not to make a false threat.
002 Pro 22:15 20030206 Scripture warns of the consequences of a man never rebuked, a hard unrepentant heart that results in stiffer judgment and consequences.
001 Mt 18:20 20020311 It's almost funny how church discipline is absent in most churches because leaders don't want to held accountable for their own indiscretion.


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