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Ps 37:27 20180622 6210. Don't waste time organizing what should have been discarded.
Job 10:15    
Ps 37:12 20180309 6108. A fight seldom produces a winner.
Pr 20:8 20180120 6060. Lazy is easy—until you pay for it.
022 Ps 35:25 20170901 5919. It's natural for a lazy mind to find fault with one that's not.
Ps 35:12 20170602 5809. Altering the momentum of sin is above man's pay-grade.
Ps 34:21 20170303 5708. Addiction is dependence on anyone or anything other than God.
019 Pr 18:10 20170128 5674. The name of the Lord is a strong tower; The righteous run to it and are safe.
Pr 17:13 20160813 5506. Doing the wrong thing gets easier the more you do it. 
017 Pr 16:30 20160423 5394. Every problem has One solution.
016 Ex 22:18 20160125 5305. Nothing is any stronger than its weakest link.
015 Pr 16:17 20160123 5303. It's impossible to see right when wrong is blocking your view.
014 Ex 15:3 20140124 4574. To most people, peace is time to reload your weapon and not get shot.
013 Job 1:1 cbs Job feared God and shunned evil.
014 Ex 15:3 20140124 4574. To most people, peace is time to reload your weapon and not get shot.
012 Ps 21:11 20130118 4198. Evil never wins; it just takes victims.
011 Ps 12:8 20101029 3379. The only thing good about people is we haven't seen them at their worst.
010 Ps 10:2 20091023 The evil we wish on others will act like a boomerang.
009 Ecc 4:3 20090726 It's difficult, if not impossible, to describe good without also describing evil.
008 Ps 7:14 20090327 There's no war between good and evil, just good people doing what comes naturally.
007 Ps 5:4 20080829 When evil is invited into our home, it tends to take up residence.
005 Mt 12:43 20070903 You might defeat evil one day, but will face it on another front the next.
006 Mt 12:34 20070818 You won't play with a snake long before he bites you.
004 Jdg 6:17 20050604 I don't know about you, but it would be helpful for me if Satan and his bunch would wear an ID badge.
003 Ne 4:8-9 20030404 When good makes a move, bad makes a counter-move.
002 1Ki 16:33 20020505 King Ahab was bad, but unlike people today, at least he didn't try to hide who he was.
001 1Sa 28:16 20011026 Few people resort to evil who don't know the right thing to do.


1. One-minute Devotionals began on January 2, 2006 and are the original creation of James R. Green, Prayertower Webservant Content is derived from his alternating and sequential survey of both the Old and New Testament to offer insight on Scripture.
2. Resources are derived from daily devotions of James R. Green called, Just Thinkin'... (2000-2003), Read the Bible Thru in 365 Days (2004), Pray Thru the Word in 365 Days (2005) and One Minute Devotional (2006-2012)
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