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021 Jn 5:45 20150224 4970. A prophet gets more cynical the more his message is ignored.
020 Ge 20:12 cbs Abraham shaded the truth
019 Ex 2:12 20110321 3523. Privilege means little when we abuse it.
018 Ex 1:18 20110202 3476. An excuse is an admission dressed up as something else.
017 Mt 21:3 20091217 Our answer to God shouldn't be "Why,' but an unwaivering "Yes!"
016 Mt 19:18 20090721 Spilt a hair and you may slice your finger.
015 Ge 38:23 20081123 Don't excuse yourself; your enemies won't accept it and your friends won't require it.
014 Mt 14:15 20080125 When it comes to praying, taking notice of what's wrong exposes our lack of faith and the fact we don't have a teachable spirit.
013 Ge 37:27b 20080924 We can try to defend our actions, but consequences may rise up to testify against us.
012 Ge 24:27b 20070114 Explanations given without relating to God are nothing but an excuse.
011 Ge 20:10 20060803 Both God and those who are lost expect Christians to act in a godly fashion, so what possible excuse can we offer when we don't?
010 Ge 20:5 20060718 Explanations are not needed for the child of God. God dosen't require it and our Enemy doesn't deserve it.
009 Ro 10:14 20050916 Be careful what you hear and ignore. It may make you accountable before God.
008 Ac 24:16 20040706 Don't defend yourself; your enemies don't deserve it and your friends don't require it.
007 Da 12:1b 20041204 I wonder how many lost people will stand before God and say, "I intended to do it," or "I thought I did!"
006 Ps 7:15 20040107 Why is it we always suspect someone else is responsible for digging the hole we're in?
005 Mk 6:3 20040222 God will not tolerate excuses from someone who after walking with Jesus should know better.
004 Ez 34:10 20020727 We have no defense when we act contrary to God's Word and then claim stupidity as a defense.
003 Ex 4:2 20021108 Will you be excusable or usable when God calls?
002 1Sa 8:3 20020922 Why not thank God for the way things are and stop thinking your desires are better than his will.
001 1Ch 22:11-13 20011102 The only excuse for not praying in advance for our family is ignorance, laziness or unbelief.


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