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Lk 2:49,50 01.07.03 I hope Jesus doesn't come back during Christmas season and find a sign on the church door that reads, "Celebrating the Christmas, back January 4th."
Dt 6:6 05.05.03 When Jesus returns, He's not looking for profession, but possession.
2Th 2:6 10.17.03 Be careful blinking so you don't miss the rapture.
Lk 5:5 03.21.04 If you want to be a big pray-er, don't plan for failure and don't bring a small net.
Jn 2:5 08.10.05 Jesus is touched with our need and knows our necessity, but have we asked him to intervene.
Ps 119:81-88 03.15.05 Believe it or not, some people actually pray but never look for an answer to their prayer.
Ge 8:6 01.16.06 When praying, sometime we need to keep our eyes open to see what God is doing.
Ps 22:15 05.17.13 4317. People want you to succeed - slightly less than they do.


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