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Glossary of Social Media Pins - Jimisms

Jimisms are original truisms created by Jim Green, WebServant of Prayertower. They are brief and incisive comments designed for social media pins. Not to confused with a biblical paraphrase they are simply insight on a verse. Click a hyperlinked date (below) and find a social media pin at the bottom of the devotional pages on which it was developed.

The following are PINS posted this year:

Most "free" offers are a bait and switch scheme. 12/15/2017

Time is eternally stamped with evidence of my belief. 12/14/2017
Religion and relationship are contradictory terms. 12/13/2017
Established truth puts an end to argument but not ignorance. 12/12/2017
Truth will undress ignorance and expose it. 12/11/2017
The measure of a man comes when he is under duress. 12/10/2017
Me thinks all my problems were fashioned by me, for me. 12/09/2017
Inclusion is an act of love with reward outweighing the risk. 12/08/2017
Belief is the foundation upon which faith is built. 12/07/2017
Only in rhyme is placate close to vacate. 12/06/2017
Conclusion without resolution leads to illusion. 12/05/2017
There's a time for everything, if we stop long enough to do it. 12/04/2017
Not all reality is visible. 12/03/2017
Skewed looks square when you're wrong. 12/02/2017
Keeping people ignorant is not protecting them. 12/01/2017
There's agreement and there's appeasement, neither touching the other. 11/30/2017
Our reasons may seem sound, but our actions can correct the notion. 11/29/2017
The "What If" game doesn't come with a "get-out-out-jail-free" card. 11/28/2017
Doors are meant to be used. 11/27/2017
Those we've influenced will likely come back to influence us. 11/26/2017
Old is another word for perseverance. 11/25/2017
Light overcomes darkness, even when you can't see it. 11/24/2017
Depression is the result of embracing wrong information. 11/23/2017
A grateful spirit uses and maintains things with care. 11/22/2017
Loss is the sensation of being unprepared. 11/21/2017
Answers without questions are like a kite without string. 11/20/2017
Expectation is like target practice with a pretend bow and arrow. 11/19/2017
To speak the truth means we must know the truth. 11/18/2017
It takes more effort to be content than complain. 11/17/2017
Change what you can, while you can, and accept what you can't. 11/16/2017
Memory is a blessing or a curse, based on how we resolved issues. 11/15/2017
Going backward is okay if your going forward exceeds it. 11/14/2017
Who sits for long when there's work to do? 11/13/2017

I can believe, but receiving depends on someone else believing. 11/12/2017
Instruction is as good as the one offering it. 11/11/2017
Perspective does not always relate to reality. 11/10/2017
Second opinions exist for first opinions you don't believe. 11/09/2017
Effectiveness is measured by support, not reach. 11/08/2017
Joy is the reflection of anticipation inside someone. 11/07/2017
In life some assembly is required, more for some than others. 11/06/2017
Amazing is the word used when language fails you. 11/05/2017
What happened shapes what happens but we can change it. 11/04/2017
Imagination is good if you remember to come back. 11/03/2017
Explanations only help the teachable. 11/02/2017
Together again implies they may not be in the future. 11/01/2017
Impressions are eye-candy for weak-minds. 10/31/2017
Split too many hairs and lose what few you have. 10/30/2017
Unreasonable is reasonable to unreasonable people. 10/29/2017
When sides are taken, truth rarely influences the decision. 10/28/2017
Up to one person is down to another. 10/27/2017
When what seems reasonable defines what I believe, I have no faith. 10/26/2017
What good are plans we never put into action? 10/25/2017
Sleep is good unless need to be awake. 10/24/2017
Diversity does not make a group strong, but selfless devotion does. 10/23/2017
Failure does not spell defeat unless we allow it. 10/22/2017
Laziness is a spiritual problem that leads to physical problems. 10/21/2017
Imagination, unlike life, has no boundary. 10/20/2017
The power of a partnership is based on individual resolve. 10/19/2017
Relationships prove Scripture, and visa versa. 10/18/2017
To not use time wisely is to abuse the privilege. 10/17/2017
The end is where we lose the right to choose. 10/16/2017
I'd say more, but I've already told you more than I know. 10/15/2017
Joy comes in the execution of a project, more so in its completion. 10/14/2017
Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's not there. 10/13/2017
A warning should remind us of what we already know. 10/12/2017
Chaos is the absence of planning, sometimes confused with messy. 10/11/2017
One step forward is usually better than two back. 10/10/2017
Succeeding is far more important than winning. 10/09/2017
It's human nature to seek fun but find something else. 10/08/2017
What we consider hard can get harder. 10/07/2017
Just because you can say something doesn't mean you should 10/06/2017
Sometimes less is more. 10/05/2017
Identification implies association but not limitation. 10/04/2017
What's obvious to one person finds most oblivious. 10/03/2017
Following instructions is a lesson in giving and receiving help. 10/02/2017
It takes two to argue or agree. 10/01/2017
Plans are a target that providence moves. 09/30/2017
Excuses end when we have no one to blame but ourselves. 09/29/2017
What looks bad is usually good in a misleading wrapper. 09/28/2017
Success is not an accident. 09/27/2017
What seems an emergency to me might simply be a reminder. 09/26/2017
The value of a component is no less than that of the assembly. 09/25/2017
Failure teaches what success cannot. 09/24/2017
Wisdom is not taught but granted. 09/23/2017
Actions speak faith far more than a tongue. 09/22/2017
What begins with respect finds fruition in bigger and greater things. 09/21/2017
A reminder is good—if you pay attention to it. 09/20/2017
If there's anything good about getting old, it's doing all the new things you've done before. 09/19/2017
Notability tells us where we've been, not where we're going. 09/18/2017
Anything given for compliance sake can be taken away without cause. 09/17/2017
Another word for comfort zone is casket. 09/16/2017
Plans are good, if you're willing to change them. 09/15/2017
What we do proves what we love. 09/14/2017
Family is a blood marker that can be denied but never undone. 09/13/2017
A true friend knows your deepest faults and still trusts you. 09/12/2017
A copy, though expertly made, will never be the original. 09/11/2017
It takes an artist to take nothing and make something of it. 09/10/2017
I wonder how many wrong decisions we make to avoid temporary discomfort. 09/9/2017
Life will not only find a way, but expose darkness at the same time. 09/8/2017
Believing something is finished is the reason little is. 09/7/2017
> If one will do, two is better. 09/6/2017
To find something, you don't necessarily have to be looking for it. 09/5/2017
Artistry is the creative process of paying tribute. 09/4/2017
Everybody who is somebody was a nobody first. 09/3/2017
Poor is unable but willing, lazy able but unwilling. 09/2/2017
It's natural for a lazy mind to find fault with one that's not. 09/1/2017
To succeed expect rejection. 08/31/2017
Anyone can do easy, it takes mission-minded determination to do the impossible. 08/30/2017
Being prepared means having enough to help someone else. 08/29/2017
Wisdom is often the first victim of the thought process. 08/28/2017
Some people race to win and some to not come in last. 08/27/2017
Wait for good and you might not recognize it when it comes. 08/26/2017
Looking for approval takes time from earning it. 08/25/2017
Most problems are diagnosed from the outside but fixed on the inside. 08/24/2017
Clean implies no dirt, not less dirt. 08/23/2017
Bending is worse than breaking because it can't be fixed. 08/22/2017
Promoting truth is a personal responsibility. 08/21/2017
Teaching kids what to think rather than how to think raises trouble-makers. 08/20/2017
Laziness is measured against potential and not activity. 08/19/2017
Unity is impossible unless two-sided deference is practiced. 08/18/2017
Hopefully our lives won't end with people wondering what we did. 08/17/2017
I don't remember feeling this way when I was a kid. 08/17/2017
No one can force me to make the wrong decision but me. 08/16/2017
Our reasons may seem sound, but our actions can correct the notion. 08/15/2017
Continuous has to start to never end. 08/14/2017
Who wants to fix a problem they created to be a solution? 08/13/2017
The best gifts have no price tag or return policy. 08/12/2017
No one needs a reason to be unreasonable. 08/10/2017
Consistency reduces testing time. 08/09/2017
No matter how bad things get, I have it on good authority that Good wins. 08/08/2017
It's one thing to measure something, another to know it's correct. 08/07/2017
When hope is lost, your memory goes taking aspiration with it. 08/06/2017
Wearing ear-buds doesn't make you invisible nor fail to communicate. 08/05/2017
Who solves a problem they don't see? 08/04/2017
Unity has no seams. 08/03/2017
Organizing different things for a common purpose is functional artwork. 08/02/2017
Security is as effective as the power and durability of someone to deliver it. 08/01/2017
Think about this: everything man makes uses elements he didn't make. 07/31/2017
Getting someone to agree with you doesn't make you or them right. 07/30/2017
It's not the roar of a wild animal that concerns me as much as what separates us. 07/29/2017
Give someone a fish they'll expect more. 07/28/2017
Quit before you're finished and someone else might finish for you. 07/27/2017
It's easy to let things go when you think you can get them back. 07/26/2017
Availability gives ability stability. 07/25/2017
Being open to change doesn't mean you must 07/24/2017
All enemies are not made. 07/21/2017
Disharmony leads to disassociation. 07/20/2017
Specifications are not suggestions but terms of acceptance. 07/19/2017
I'd explain it, but I'd have to understand it myself. 07/18/2017
Seeing things from another viewpoint doesn't change anything. 07/17/2017
A friendship extends between two people only. 07/16/2017
Too much too fast yields too little too late. 07/15/2017
Giving is like ketsup, I can never catch up to what's been given me. 07/14/2017
Inclinations are an indication of our identity and intentions. 07/13/2017
Placing things is not as important as remembering where they are. 07/12/2017
Everything old starts out new and by God's grace ends up that way. 07/11/2017
My mind will be as sharp and memory as good as the degree I press it. 07/09/2017
Be careful what you mock as it may come back to mock you. 07/10/2017
A liar is not as bad as a listener failing to hold them accountable. 07/08/2017
Waiting is the fastest way to avoid being stupid. 07/07/2017
Change is okay as long as everything stays the same. 07/06/2017
Worship is when the heart of man and God meet, not where. 07/05/2017
Determination depends on the degree of dogma you deploy. 07/04/2017
To preach and not practice is to want and not work. 07/03/2017
Don't lose what you have searching for what you don't. 07/01/2017
Who in his right mind can blame his hatred on those he hates? 06/30/2017
I'd ask what you're doing but I think I know. 06/29/2017
No one gets through life without help. 06/28/2017
Neither evidence nor argument can settle all disagreements. 06/27/2017
Hard times look better in the rear-view mirror. 06/25/2017
You can't buy memories that matter. 06/26/2017
Right and wrong don't mix unless you're upside down. 06/24/2017
The right enemy is better than the wrong friends. 06/23/2017
Power is what someone else has and you want. 06/22/2017
Proper position makes practice profitable. 06/21/2017
Sacrificial love is like water for a thirsty soul. 06/20/2017
Chaos prospers in the absence of organization and compliance. 06/19/2017
Evidence is a distraction for a detractor. 06/18/2017
You must have something before you can lose it. 06/17/2017
Concern without action is an opportunity missed. 06/16/2017
All things being equal, last is better than out of line. 06/15/2017
Cleanliness is not next to godliness, but requisite. 06/14/2017
Everyone wants to go to heaven — someday. 06/13/2017
When what's out doesn't reflect what's in, in can get turned inside out. 06/12/2017
Appearance might get you a job but can surely keep you from one. 06/11/2017
It's hard work to keep a lie alive. 06/10/2017
Hearing an answer without the question likely gives rise to wrong conclusions. 06/09/2017
Language only helps this side of the grave. 06/08/2017
Comparison for the sake of justification is an admission of guilt. 06/07/2017
Care has two faces; giving and receiving. 06/06/2017
There's only one Standard and everything is judged according to and by Him. 06/05/2017
Bad can be good when good is bad. 06/03/2017
Altering the momentum of sin is above man's pay-grade. 06/02/2017
We're too busy when our coming meets our going. 06/01/2017
A door is designed to open and close. 05/31/2017
We prove what we believe by what we accept. 05/30/2017
Worship begins with quiet respect. 05/29/2017
Recognition doesn't always result in identification. 05/28/2017
Lies serve to identify liars. 05/26/2017
Abundant life is spending time with God before you're dead. 05/25/2017
Mercy is knowing you can and should but won't. 05/24/2017
Rest is where you can relax without fear of waking up. 05/23/2017
Peace: what men can only imagine. 05/22/2017
Pay attention because someone else will. 05/21/2017
Only in Christ can a person can have nothing and everything. 05/19/2017
What was doesn't override what is. 05/18/2017
Sometimes good things look bad and vise versa. 05/17/2017
Compliance is not obedience. 05/16/2017
Intercession is a positional privilege not shared with pulpits. 05/15/2017
Age is a progress marker not a limitation 05/14/2017
Presuming on anyone but God can be treacherous. 05/13/2017
Joy is enduring confidence in God and not a fleeting happy feeling. 05/12/2017
I'd explain it, but then you wouldn't hear it from God. 05/11/2017
You can't follow instructions you don't know. 05/10/2017
The wisest thing I can do today is to ignore most of what I hear. 05/09/2017
Cover is nice as long as what's covered stays that way. 05/08/2017
Life is in the roots. 05/07/2017
Sometimes the best plan is no plan. 05/05/2017
We honor someone by spending time with them, not giving them gifts. 05/06/2017
Following is what you do when you belong. 05/04/2017
Holiness and humanity, the perfect antonym. 05/4/2017
It takes time to undo a mess, more to correct what caused it. 05/03/2017
Audible sound is not necessary to hear someone. 05/02/2017
A perimeter defines where gates can be placed. 05/01/2017
What comes around has most likely been around. 04/30/2017
It’s amazing how some people change the subject when they don't like the question. 04/29/2017
Who wants to get out of a hole they don't believe they're in? 04/28/2017
Personalized gifts are the best ones. 04/27/2017
Convenience can't change conviction. 04/26/2017
Pay attention or life will sucker punch you in the face. 04/25/2017
Do it is a good plan if you get round to it. 04/24/2017
Leadership is not as big an issue as followship. 04/23/2017
“Unlikely” is a term used by limited thinkers. 04/22/2017
Control is assuring—before you lose it. 04/21/2017
Personal experience is not equal to God's word. 04/20/2017
Connection makes diversity functional. 04/19/2017
Hold your privilege lightly, it was borrowed. 04/18/2017
Example is the best means to preach the Gospel. 04/16/2017
Unplugged, the ultimate turn-off. 04/15/2017
Circumstances can't take you where God isn't there and hasn't ordained it. 04/14/2017
Illusion becomes delusion when we succumb to fear. 04/13/2017
Because you stop working on it doesn't mean it's finished. 04/12/2017
Belief without acknowledgment is empty. 04/11/2017
Storage is good unless you're saving junk. 04/10/2017
A friend will never stop loving you. 04/09/2017
It's remarkable how resolve can so quickly dissolve. 04/08/2017
Opposition from the wrong position is incidental. 04/07/2017
Precedent is replaced with precedent. 04/05/2017
An acquaintance should be a friendship in process. 04/04/2017
Enjoy your legacy before you leave it. 04/03/2017
Completion time depends on demolition time. 04/02/2017
Reconciliation requires confession and repentance, not another promise. 04/01/2017
It's one thing to offer help, another to ask for it. 03/31/2017
For something to stand, it must resist what wants to take it down. 03/29/2017
No one who is arrogant thinks he is. 03/28/2017
Death, not age, marks the finish line. 03/27/2017
Some things done can be undone just to be done again. 03/25/2017
God doesn't need my help but He demands my attention. . 03/24/2017
I'm into Cross-training and my exercise is prayer. 03/23/2017
Patterns show what's expected. 03/22/2017
Prudence is rightly knowing if and when. 03/21/2017
The line between work and ministry shouldn't exist. 03/20/2017
Teaching is learning to inspire someone else. JG 03/19/2017
Truth doesn't need a second opinion. 03/18/2017
A loss is a gain in God's economy. 03/17/2017
Shortcuts should not circumvent accuracy or common sense. 03/16/2017
Teaching is not as much about knowledge as humility. 03/15/2017
A witness is not responsible for convincing anyone of anything. 03/14/2017
Left-overs prove planning or the lack of it. 03/13/2017
Direction is not as important as directive. 03/12/2017
Giving is living. 03/11/2017
Rewards are as good as the one offering it. 03/10/2017
Misplaced confidence is common to every loss. 03/09/2017
Throw it away today and you'll need it tomorrow. 03/08/2017
Comparison with something other than God's word is wasted time. 03/07/2017
Doing good will always appear bad to someone. 03/06/2017
Sow cand reap should be a good thing. 03/05/2017
A trap can spring both ways. 03/02/2017
There is no bad job for a grateful person. 03/01/2017
Most answers create questions that are never asked. 02/28/2017
What is able but doesn't contribute is expendable. 04/27/2017
Gratefulness may be the product of disappointment. 02/25/2017
Encouragement is like water to a seedling. 02/25/2017
Life is good, but death can be gooder. 02/24/2017
Not knowing should lead to finding out. 02/23/2017
Sameness has no variance. 02/22/2017
A person's grateful spirit, or lack of it, proves his teacher's merit. 02/21/2017
Cover is protection when you stay under it. 02/20/2017
If you think things can't change, blink. 02/19/2017
Not everything started is worth finishing. 02/18/2017
Trouble is the gateway to deliverance. 02/17/2017
A well phrased question seldom goes unanswered. 02/16/2017
The role of the smallest component is paramount to the larger purpose. 02/15/2017
What we fear is seldom as bad as our hasty reaction. 02/14/2017
Understanding is not requisite to fact. 02/13/2017
Neglect means we will pay attention when we've lost the choice. 02/12/2017
Winners gladly finish behind those they help. 02/11/2017
The opposite of weakness is humility. 02/10/2017
Speaking for someone else demands accuracy with brevity. 02/09/2017
Truth is not contained by dissent nor empowered by consent. 02/08/2017
Reputations are earned or corrected at the finish line. 02/07/2017
Associations are as strong as you make them. 02/06/2017
Wealth is throughput, though your hands and in someone else's pocket. 02/05/2017
A problem seldom looks like one until it is. 02/03/2017
Doubt doesn't impact the inevitable. 02/02/2017
A perfect design requires perfect compliance with no variance. 02/01/2017
The probability to fail increases the longer you don't. 01/31/2017
Instruction tells us how to do it, inspiration tells us why. 01/30/2017
Being safe is not a right, but a privilege with responsibility. 01/28/2017
Know your adversary in the light or meet them in the dark. 01/27/2017
Don't expect answers by looking for someone to tell you. 01/26/2017
Patterns are designed for the obedient, not the ignorant. 01/25/2017
Trying to make sense of nonsense gives credit where it's not due. 01/24/2017
Impressions serve a purpose until replaced with reality. 01/23/2017
Spending time with family should be preparation for heaven. 01/22/2017
Time is a short-lived opportunity we can't get back. 01/21/2017
Why even look where I won't go? 01/20/2017
If you can see it and explain it, you're looking superficially. 01/19/2017
The Bible is not a long sermon, but an instruction manual with personal testimonies. 01/18/2017
Something doesn't have to be seen to be heard, but it does to be watched. 01/16/2017
If you want something known, try to hide it. 01/15/2017
If it doesn't involve me, why listen? 01/14/2017
Love overcomes hate but sometimes has to sacrifice itself. 01/12/2017
You can't know someone you've never met. 01/11/2017
Memorization requires diligent spaced repetition, frequent recall and usage. 01/10/2017
A door without a knob and latch is a wall. 01/09/2017
Having enough depends on Whom you depend. 01/08/2017
I'd do something about this trap if I thought I was in one. 01/07/2017
A deceiver has lost the right to be truthful and believed. 01/06/2017
It's easy to get caught up in organizing and deodorizing garbage. 01/04/2017
Science is God's creation and not the other way around. 01/03/2017
Paying attention is not license, but obedience might be. 01/02/2017
Hard times are relative to what you call good times. 01/01/2017

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