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Prayertower Ministries has been changing from the day it went online eighteen years ago. And changes to this website are happening just as fast. This timeline will keep you abreast of progress—from beginning to the present.

2018/06/01 - Completed MEDIA/JIMISM page by adding the first official social media pin (12/15/14).
2018/04/25 - Added ARCHIVE access to spotlight past notables (SEARCH/TOPIC/Archives)
2018/04/25 - RefD (Large) dated devotional record is option atop SEARCH/TOPIC/DateAll
2018/04/25 - Search tab pulls up smaller TOPIC file and not devotional record
2018/03/14 - Added page for PINS - Media/Jimisms
2018/02/14 - Added page for VIDEO VIGNETTES - Media/Video
2018/02/08 - First active video placed in daily devotion
2018/02/08 - PT vision stated for 501c3 application
2018/02/05 - Video vignettes produced to replace static image in devotional
2018/02/01 - Topical file rework finished
2018/02/01 - Search page added and other pages reflective
2018/02/01 - Topical file rework began
2018/01/30 - Main, search and devotional pages include FeeFind search service
2018/01/07 - Tower moved to new hosting server
2015-07/02 - Responsive rework started on new and existing pages
2015-07/02 - Prayer "room" replaced with prayer "page"
2015-06/09 - Numbered Jimisms displays on pages
2015-07/01 - News service ("Today's" and "On-This-Day") eliminated
2015-01/01 - Jimism pins posted on social media
2014-10/10 - Cyber prayer room launched from prayer room
2014-02/13 - News service started
2001/09/11 - Terrorist take down twin towers in New York City.
2000/05/16 - First devotional posted online


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